How to participate

How to join the COLOSS-Network and to contribute

First Step: Join the Community

To register if you are a member of an institution participating in the E-COST action of COLOSS, please send a request per e-mail to

Second Step: Login

Follow the "Log in" link above right and enter the username and password you received. Clicking on your name will lead to your personal profile page where you may also change your password.

Third Step: Contribute

a) by commenting

Many documents on the site are open to discussion, indicated by the blue "Add Comment" button on the bottom of a page. Just click it to leave your comment. So, in this way we can discuss topics and collect the opinions for the future.

b) by creating and editing items

As a member you are allowed to add new content on certain parts of the website (e.g. 'Collaboration').

After login, check our 'Getting started' page for an introduction on creating and publishing new content.


If you have any questions please send us an email ... or write a comment just down here.

Bernd Kulawik and Ralf Bünemann, your Webmasters